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Digital Footprint


Mimshack team helps your organization  stand out from the rest by creating
you a unique digital footprint.  A one stop shop, that covers the whole design
suite from website, rebranding  and graphic. Making the dauting task
easy, the mimshack team will make the task sample, easy with step by
step guidance. Our team is ready to take that journey with you. 

We Provide


Starting a new adventure? Need to change your look or time for a new logo? Our professional team can design a logo to best suit your needs.


Event merchandise

Create unforgettable events with exclusive custom merchandise that leaves a lasting impact .


Build a complete brand identity for your new business or have it revamped and streamlined for your current organization.


Create a strong online presence is required to communicate who you are and what you do to those around you.


The Mimshack team can help with simple one-page web designs, to the most advanced websites; guiding you every step of the way.

business software's


Simplify operations, boost productivity, and enhance your digital footprint with cutting edge technology for success.

Our Providers


We help you pioneer new undertakings

Mimshack mean for reaching, stretched out and to pioneer new undertaking; we visualize this as an eagle. Where we assist our client to proceed to the next steps with clarity helping them stretch out and reach new heights.

At Mimshack Resources your success is our success. Our team will try new ideas in a practical  an creative manner; and our specialized, innovative, and enthusiastic team allows us to offer a range of services to our clients. whether it be help for start-ups businesses, established companies, or a not-for-profit organization we have you covered.



I don’t know what to do, or where to start - can you help?

The Mimshack Team are happy to chat with you about the services we offer and help you decide how to best move forward.

Do you do introductory consultations?

At Mimshack Resources our initial consultations are always free! This enables us
to gauge the services you require, the timeframes you desire, your budget requirements. From here we can form a plan to best meet those needs, all without the stress of an initial financial outlay. Contact Us

Do I have to be available for face-to-face meetings?

We started our business during COVID and
encountered Melbourne lockdowns within the
first 8 months, where the team couldn’t even be in the same space. All that to say, we can find solutions to problems. A lot of our clients are not based closed to us, so we use email,
zoom, WhatsApp and other tools to keep communication going.
Although we still do love the face-to-face coffee meeting when the opportunity arises

Projects and Services

How do I know what service suits me?

The Mimshack Team are happy to chat with you about the services we offer and help you decide how to best move forward.

How long does a project usually take?

Each project takes a different about of time, depending on the complexity of the project. We will talk you through the project timeline and
also highlight some common areas where
projects feel like they stall. During the whole process the team is here, and ready to lend a hand.

I have an concept in mind for my project, am I able to tell you what I want?

During the early stages of each project, we undertake a questionnaire. This allows you a chance to share your goals and vision for the
project, while allowing us to gather the information we require. During the creative process we often have the
designers do something tight to the brief, as
well as including something from their heart.

We do this because we discovered on a few of
our own projects we didn’t see the fullness of what something could be, until we asked out creatives to be fully creative without limitation.

What are the benifit of using Mimshack softwares?

Software benefits the business in efficiency cost savings and improved accuracy. It aids customer service, data management and offers a competitive edge, Scalability and flexibility. Visit the services page to find out more.

Event Merchandise

What type of event merchandise can i customize?

We offer a range of customisable event merch, including t-shirt, hoodies, wrist bands and more. You can personalise these with your event logo, slogan or any design you prefer.

Can you help with design and artwork for our event merchandise?

Our design team can work with you to create an eye catching and on brand design for your merchandise. 

What is the minimum quantity?

The minimum order quantity for custom event merchandise may vary depending on the type of item and customization required. Some may have lower minimums while others require a larger order quantity. Will gladly work with you to find a solution that meets your needs and budget.


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