About Us

Mimshack is a unique word which is inspirational to how we operate as a team.
At its core it conveys the essence of being wide spreed and far reaching.
but in sample terms it means to pioneer new undertaking.


To provide professional and technical solutions, services, and resources in a simple and cost-effective manner; so that complex task can be fulfilled and dreams accomplished.


To help people pioneer new undertakings, break their limitation and fulfil their dreams, so they can influence others, and impact nations.

Logo Breakdown



It is a simple yet elegant approach that requires talent and wisdom.



Shows far reaching and expansion. 



Show that our manual work is always ongoing and leaves a fresh mark.

Our History

Mimshack Resources began in a small garage on the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. With a vision of helping people achieve their dreams and a desire to people all around the globe . We now achieve that goal by working hand in hand with a team of people from different nations and time zones.

The Mimshack Resources team thrive on helping vision become reality and making strategy simple. Helping people take a risk on their dreams, we find technology and create systems which turn complex issues in practical and simple to implement solutions. Approachable, yet professional is our aim in helping people take their idea, dream or business to the next level. Armed with a can do attitude, and backed by a range of skills and experience the Mimshack Team is ready to take the journey with you.

It's All Relative

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sister organization

christian apparel that starts a conversation

Our garments are high quality, affordably priced and comfortable, in line with current trends. Every item we sell is a conversation starter that has a unique meaning to help you grow in your faith. We use a portion of every order to fund our ministry adventures around the world

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Fruit on display

As you look around the world it is very easy to recognize there is a lack of love, peace, joy evident in everyday life. Over the last few months, we have had the honor of partnering with God and see lives changed.

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A place for the not for profits organizations to connect, grow, network or reach out for help. Sharing our talents and abilities to assist each other in the towns and cities we live in.