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laugh just a little

Today I was talking to a friend on the phone and was laughing so much I had tears streaming down my face ???. If others had been listening in, they may just of wondered what exactly was so funny. But I could not even laugh out loud as I was overcome with the humor of what was being described. Tears silently streamed down my face. What an amazing moment it was, and a healing one too.

They say the laughter is the best medicine (whoever ‘they’ are?). I’m not across all the in’s and out’s of it but I do know that after a good laugh I feel a residual joy that lingers in the air and lands with a smile on my face and a strength in my soul. And I wonder if this is what the author meant when he said ‘the joy is the Lord is my strength’ (Neh 8:10).

Over recent years I have felt strengthened as I was again embraced the joy which laughter has brought to my world.

All to often we can become weighed down by the stuff of life. And sometimes we even feel bad about laughing when we have friends who are terminally ill, had a loved one die or are under a lot of stress. But in my own life that’s when I’ve needed to laugh most. Many a time the laughter has started off almost smothered by guilt as I wondered if it was PC to laugh at such a time.

More recently I’ve seen how much I need and value laughter in my world. I so enjoy being with those who laugh and can make me laugh till I snort or cry tears birthed out of happiness.

So today my prayer for you is that you would experience the very real feeling of wholeness which can come as you share a laugh with those you love to do life with.

Until next time. Happy pondering and laugh a little…

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