Does a thought really count?

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Does a thought really count?

My brain has been abuzz about the notion of connection and disconnection for months. I’m still drilling into it- but here’s a small thought of the matter to chew on today.

So, often when we hear it’s the thought that counts! But is it the thought the counts or the action in response to the thought that counts? I mean often times we think about things, people, circumstances but if we don’t do anything about them does it really matter? Does it really count that we thought about someone, something, some situation- if the thinking was an end in itself? ?

I’d like to propose that the ‘thought’ is the ignition switch to connection. If we don’t plug anything into it- nothing is powered. Just like when you have a phone charger and a flat battery on your phone- if you don’t plug them in together and into the electricity in the wall- you have all the elements to remain connected but you can’t because the power source is not providing power to the need.

If we have a name that is dropping into our minds time and time and time again and we don’t act – we lose the opportunity to bring power to that person, situation, circumstances because we are dis-connected.

What if instead when a name kept dropping into our minds we, text them, rang them, dropped in to see them, sent them a pressie. What if we asked the question? God, why does so and so keep popping into my mind? What are you asking me to do? There’s not a stock standard answer- sometimes it’s pray, sometimes it’s going around and pray with them. Sometimes it’s text an encouraging message, or a funny meme or send them flowers or their favorite treat. And any one of a billion other things ?

In all seasons and stations of life, we need to be connected to others; and providing connection to others. Sure, it’s not always easy, but we can be positioned to reach out and respond to the direction which God gives us in loving others at anytime. 

So my challenge to myself and you is pop actions to those thoughts that drop into your mind this week:) 

Until next time

Happy Pondering ?

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